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8 tips to keep in mind while blogging

Blogging may seem an easy form of writing but there goes a plethora of things into writing a blog post.  Without anything further ado, let’s understand my eight secret tips to keep in mind while writing a blog.  Storytelling is everything  As you already know, blogging is much of an interactive form of writing and… Continue Reading →

How to make a blog run well

Being a blogger is exciting, fulfilling and courageous at the same time. It takes a lot of courage to put your thoughts on paper for the world to read.  When you decide to become a blogger, you need to be prepared for both good comments and critics. Above all, you should have self-confidence and self-reliance. … Continue Reading →

How Authors Make Money

One of the biggest questions authors face or even think about themselves is can you really make money? In fact, other than the orthodox mindset, the biggest opposition from a family comes when you tell them you want to be an author is that you will never make enough money to sustain a proper lifestyle… Continue Reading →

5 Interesting Reads when you aren’t feeling Your Best

Sometimes the menstrual cycles, sometimes the atmosphere around, can all contribute very well to you not feeling that fantastic about the world. PMS or the pre-menstrual syndrome can sometimes be tiresome for you and people around you as well. So, why not pick up some ‘Feel-good books’ and start reading them? Here are 5 books… Continue Reading →

How Can Writing Help in Your Professional Life

“I honestly feel demotivated at my workspace, John. Why do I go?” Harry said, speaking to one of his closest friends, John. “Why do you feel demotivated?” John asked empathetically. “My thoughts sometimes are far behind my words. And most times, I lack clarity about what I really want.” Harry responded.  “In that case, there… Continue Reading →

Why Should You Read Poorly Written Books

You have obviously heard that reading is essential if you want to be a writer. Everyone tells you to read the good books, and the great ones. That is perfectly understandable. They teach you so many things about what makes good fiction and how to make it work. You get to learn various aspects of… Continue Reading →

Keep going, dear writer!

Dear Writer, Writing is not a hobby or a pastime exercise; it is an inseparable part of a writer. There are high chances that most people do not understand what they love the most. There are chances that for half of the world, writing is not yet a career opportunity. But, do you know one… Continue Reading →

Theme in a Story

What is the first question you receive after you tell someone that you have written a story? “What is it about?” Right? The answer to that question can have a multitude of answers. However, the crux of that answer – the topic, central idea, narrative, point – is called the theme.  A story without a… Continue Reading →


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