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8 tips to keep in mind while blogging

Blogging may seem an easy form of writing but there goes a plethora of things into writing a blog post. 

Without anything further ado, let’s understand my eight secret tips to keep in mind while writing a blog. 

  1. Storytelling is everything 

As you already know, blogging is much of an interactive form of writing and you need to be a good storyteller to have your readers hooked to your blog. Learn the art of storytelling and you’ll grab your loyal readers in no time. 

  1. Reading changes you

You become a storyteller when you start reading and words flow smoothly when you’ve read over a hundred books. Reading books change you as a person. You become what you read. 

  1. Self-realisation is everything 

Before starting your blog website, you need to know your inner self well. Your blog is after all going to show who you are as a person. 

Self-realisation can be obtained by reading non-fiction books. Reading fiction is reading others. Reading non-fiction is reading yourself. 

  1. Use I’m, he’ll, you’ve 

Your reader is a busy person. Optimize your blog by using lesser words by replacing I am with I’m, He will with he’ll, and so on. 

  1. Ask questions & leave the answers to readers

This is a good way of engaging your reader on your blog. Making your readers think is very important so that they think about you and your blog for a long time. 

  1. Google loves listicle blogs

‘How to’ and listicle blogs are the most read ones. Google loves them and tends to rank such blogs. Try to write such blogs by following some minor yet crucial points – 

a. Use numbers in the title, which is your H1

b. Write numbers in words in the blog’s body.

c. Use good amount of H2s – that means the subheadings 

d. Use high quality images and give an alt text ( part of SEO guidelines)

e. Write a 1000 words blog because Google likes longer blogs. 

f. Do your research well.

g. Decide your focus keyword and use it in the title, body and sprinkle it throughout the blog. Remember do not over do the usage. 

f. Write a unique meta description – it’s the passage you read when you search something on Google. Use your focus keyword once in the meta description.

  1. Don’t confuse your readers by using complicated or suggestive blog titles

Let your blog’s title be to the point.  Your reader will click on the blog link only if they understand what the topic is. 

  1. Use Grammarly

Google ranks grammatically sound blogs. Take care of your grammar and don’t disappoint your reader by making any glitches. 

These tips shall help you write an effective blog. You must remember these minor things while you write any type of blog, be it a travel blog, motivational blog, educational blog, and so on. 


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