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How to make a blog run well

Being a blogger is exciting, fulfilling and courageous at the same time. It takes a lot of courage to put your thoughts on paper for the world to read. 

When you decide to become a blogger, you need to be prepared for both good comments and critics. Above all, you should have self-confidence and self-reliance. 

It takes a lot to run a blog well. Today, I’ll tell you how to make the best of being a blogger. Keep these things in mind you shall get through. 

  1. Have your voice

Often, bloggers tend to copy someone else’s style or voice. It’s very important to find your unique voice. It took me six articles to approve the seventh blog by my mentor. Try out different articles, which might never go live on your website but in the process, you’ll find your voice or style of writing. 

  1. Choose a niche that interests you

To maintain a blog well you need to first love what you are writing about. Choose a niche or genre that you’ll love to write about endlessly. Choosing a niche just because it is a popular one will take you nowhere. 

  1. Consistency is the key

Updating your blog regularly is the need of the hour. Being consistent in your blogging venture is the key to maintaining a blog well. Also, you’ll gain the trust of your readers and bag a battalion of loyal ones.

  1. Read read read

Reading has no alternative. Read a lot of books, good articles every day to help you generate new ideas. Reading will help boost your imagination power and give rise to new blog ideas. 

  1.  Write at least 100 blogs in the initial stage

By doing this, Google is bound to find your blog site. Secondly, your readers will know that you have enough knowledge about your niche. So,  make it a point to write more often, at last twice a week in the initial stage. 

  1. Design a blog that suits your personality 

Your blog’s design plays a crucial role when it comes to hooking your readers to it. Keep the design subtle and clean. Don’t overdo the designing part. You can also design a logo or hire someone professional to do it for yourself. 

  1. Brand yourself well

Writing is all about branding yourself well. Besides the quality of your writing, it’s how you present yourself as a blogger. Branding is presenting yourself well on all social media platforms. Make sure you portray yourself the way you do on your blog. Do not disguise yourself in completely different personalities. 

  1. Promote your blog well

Don’t forget to promote your blog consistently. If not you, then who will? As a blogger, it’s your prime duty to make your readers read what you write. 

  1. Write an impressive ‘About the author’ page

Before reading your blog or maybe after reading one, people tend to move to the About the author page. Readers are eager to know the person behind the writings. So, you ought to write a beautiful and impressive one. Write your life’s story and make it as personal as you can. 

  1. Try to optimise your blog using SEO techniques 

Learning SEO is the need of the hour. Google loves SEO friendly articles. Don’t worry it isn’t rocket science. It’s doable. 

These are some of the things that shall help you run your blog well. 


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