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Blogging Marathon: Dos & Don’t

Consistency is the key to becoming a successful blogger. You can be consistent only when you write daily. As writers, we procrastinate more than we write, isn’t it? 

To beat this procrastination thing, I started Blog Marathons and I’m doing them quite often. These runs help me stay consistent and on my toes when they’re on. 

If you ask what a Blog Marathon is in the first place, it simply means writing a blog every single day for a week or a month or a declared number of days.

Let us first understand the reasons to run a blog marathon: 

  1. It brings a sense of discipline into your day-to-day life.
  1. Blog Marathon is an introspective activity: You are more than you think you are. I had read this line somewhere and have experienced it during all my blog marathons. I utilise every single minute of my day and feel great about it. I write my blog on the bus, on the train, during my lunchtime and compile the scattered work at night before going to bed. On some days, my fingers ached, my hands throbbed with pain and my eyes burned maybe due to the increased screen time. But my heart pumps happiness and surrounds me with positivism, hope, and excitement.
  1. It is a boost to your creativity. Due to social obligations, you have to come up with a new thing on your blog every day. And that too, without being overwhelmed by the surrounding happenings.
  1. It helps you connect with your authentic readers. I love receiving comments and beautiful emails. While I was on a blog marathon, one of my beloved readers was on an “email marathon”. He replied to every email of mine. His dedication was fuel to my energy levels.

Now that you know what you’ll get out of your blog marathon spree, let me tell you a few dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind. 


  1. Let your Blog Marathon be a spontaneous affair. Be honest with your readers and write daily. 
  1. Do plan a few blogs. Make a list of the topics which you were always at the back of your mind and you had put them off for some reasons. This will save you from running out of ideas. 
  1. Publish your blog at a specific time or at least before the day ends.
  1. Keep your readers engaged by innovatively concluding your blog – for instance, ask your readers to stay hydrated, stay safe and motivated, etc. 


  1. Don’t write your blogs in advance. Doing this may result in losing their essence.
  1. Setting unrealistic targets can land you in undesirable situations. Don’t plan for more than a 30-day Marathon. Your brain needs some break from social life. For a trial, you can run a 7-day marathon also. 
  1. Don’t hesitate to publish two blogs in a day as you might miss out on someday. And that’s okay. Not all days are the same. 
  1. Don’t be harsh on yourself. If you can’t make it, then tell the same to your readers with honest reasoning. They do understand. 

These were some points you need to keep in mind while running a Blog Marathon.


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